About Us

Mixed Grille catering has been in business since 1998. The catering business is owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Michael Capirchio and Jennifer Stott.

Prior to establishing Mixed Grille, the idea of cooking a variety of foods from a variety of cultures was the first thing that came to mind… hence the name Mixed Grille. Over the years, we have been influenced by our diverse family traditions and reflect them in our cooking style. While taking some time off to travel to Italy to get married, we were surrounded by local cuisine and culture. The use of simple and fresh ingredients was immediately recognized and greatly appreciated. Because of these experiences, Mixed Grille supports local farms and incorporates seasonal ingredients into our recipes. Continued education allows us to evolve and share our enthusiasm for cooking.

Mixed Grille Catering emphasizes quality in our service and food preparation. Customizing our services to meet the needs of our clients is top priority. We are committed to serving fresh, local and seasonal foods, supporting our community and being environmentally aware.